How can I get past my driving record

I have 4 moving violations and most local company wont hire me because the insurance want cover me. how can i find a job with my class a license;

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Nov 08, 2016
It's the Insurance Carrier...
by: Anonymous

... for any trucking company that is denying your employment.

You are considered a high-risk liability.

Considering the cost of Insurance Premiums and how much control the Insurance Carrier has over the trucking company, it makes logical sense not to hire you.

As far as the Trucking Company itself is concerned, they would love to have you fill a truck. There is a huge deficit of drivers across the nation. Some of the Nations Largest carriers are facing their biggest crisis ever: Lack of drivers.

Take a company like SWIFT. They are known for hiring felons and also for training drivers and turning them out.. many people believe the drivers are turned loose way too soon, just because of the incidents/accidents that SWIFT is constantly involved in.

If you Google "Nations Larges Trucking Companies" you will get; Werner, SWIFT and U.S Express.

These are the companies that have the trucks you are so used to seeing flipped over or involved in what appears to be "avoidable' accidents.

Is it because the drivers they put out there really don't have that much experience or is it just because the companies are so extremely large that the chances of seeing them involved in an accident is much higher?

You can't take it personally that these trucking companies won't hire you. THEY CAN'T!!

What you should probably do is find another line of work for a time so that you can hire a GOOD attorney and work with the DMV (through hearings/depositions) and try to get your driving record expunged.

The curious part of course is; "What kind of violations are we talking about here?"

Many insurance carriers will actually take the time to look closely and allow you to explain 1) whether you were in a commercial vehicle at the time 2) what kind of violation it was and if it truly should have an impact on your ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle.

If you can get some of those (most of those) points removed, you will become viable again. You may be required to complete a number of safety courses. They are just lengthy, online movies with questionnaires throughout, forcing you to watch the whole video rather than skip to the end and just answer their simple questions.

Protecting your driving record with a Class A license can be a very rewarding experience. It is also something that is very difficult to do and sometimes just relies on "chance".. but in the end, when you want to get on with that one company that everyone wants to work for, you've got everything they want to see, and all you hear from them is "when can you start?"

It wasn't my intention to give such a comprehensive answer, but you do have a lot to consider, one of which is; "Do I really want to be a commercial driver?" .. because, if you do, you've got your work cut out for you.

You might think that you can sit and wait for those points to drop off, but at the same time, one might logically think that you have "issues" as a driver and that they will continue to accrue.

Good luck with everything. Seek professional counsel. If you are serious in any endeavor in life, you are going to work for it.

Nov 07, 2016
Try the trucking companies listed here for a blemished record
by: Hervy

I don't know how old your violations are and what they are but you are not likely to find a trucking job. Doesn't mean you can't keep looking but you should be researching other types of work as well.
Especially if those violations are less than a year old.

Try the companies at the bottom of this page.

Trucking Companies that might hire you with blemished record

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