Helping Pay the Bills

Lots of truckers helps others pay their bills.  While it's wonderful to want to help, you have to be careful and smart about it.  If a person is habitually in need of assistance in making electric bill payments, car payments, water bill payments or other bills, it's not inappropriate to ask questions about that person's situation.

What is causing the person to always need help?  Ask the person to think about the answer and then help him/her address those cause.

Trucker wives commonly express there being a lack of funds coming into the home.  You need to budget together and both know where the money is going.  Numbers don't lie.  The home should be first priority and working together should be something that both people are interested in doing and OK with doing.  Unless there are secrets.....

Lots of trucker end up helping other people with their bills when they start making money.  Be careful about who you give it to and how you give it.  It's called discernment.

Reasons For the Need

Some common reasons behind the person needing help in making payments there are many factors to be considered. For example...

  • Poor spending habits
  • Poor money management
  • Not making enough to cover bills
  • Not being able to get higher paying job
  • Too many bills

The list could go on and on, but this is something to get you going.  Now although these things could be blames for the reason of need, people can easily get in the habit of dealing with the symptoms instead of correcting the underlying issue.

Common Solutions to Not Being Able to Pay Bills

The list below can easily help most people who find themselves in need of financial help especially if it is a habitual need.

  • Learn money management skills
  • Create a budget
  • Learn skills to help you get a job
  • Learn skills to help you get a better paying job
  • Eliminate all unnecessary bills
  • Set financial  goals
  • Learn how to earn extra income (side job, online, etc)

So to keep that person from needing to borrow over and over again, he/she has to be honest about what is causing the need.   As a person willing to give and caring about the person, you might consider making sure the person has thought about how to improve his/her situation and break the cycle of living check to check or in need of assistance.

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