HELP! My Friends Say I Should Dump My Trucker BF

by Indicisive Gal

I started dating him in September 2014. We met online. I did not see him for a few months because he was sick and his the company he worked for. Had no work for him. Yes he was sick. It was gross & obvious.

then I saw him 3 weeks in a row in december. 1x in January and february. Then just last week. I hate his job. I never know when he is going to be home to out. I have not seen him 2 mo's at time for awhile. But he always goes home to see his kids when it's his wknd.

I do get angry texts from him when the dispatcher sends him back out on the road at last minute on a Friday. Therefore making me, finding someone as backup to help me use the concert tickets.

My friends says my man is lying, he's not on the road for up to 8wks. He's a jerk I should dump him. Because driving companies will have you home every wknd.

But when I call my man. He's in the Truck. It's a distinct sound you can hear.. I'm at the point where I want to divorce my friends and dump the man I adore. Just be rid of the headache!

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Apr 07, 2015
I already deleted his ph# NEW
by: Indicisive Gal

I never do this,
But in the begining he took my calls and text me all the time. I'm now being ignored. I've never whined or nagged to him. I carry my life on. But My sixth sense says something else.
I'm moving on.
He wants to make me feel bad because he chose a life on the road. He never listens to my positive ways, he never speaks when something bugs him. I always catch him. Standing at the window, looking out. He forgets about me.
I'm not the girl for him.
So I'm going to back to concentrate on my career.
We only been together for 6mo's. He doesn't appreciate me.
That's fine, I'm moving on

Apr 05, 2015
Divorce your friends n keep the guy please read this closely NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey I'm a truckers wife... my husband is a heavy hauler.... he's gone 4-8 weeks sometimes I know first hand what your going through... I hate dispatchers lord knows I hate when he gets the call... he has a step daughter which I adore n see her more than he does... please be patient honey it's not easy we truckers wives understand but if your guy is worth it then hang on to him... keep the lines of communication open n remember he deals with ass hole drivers who must have road the short bus lol n lives in a 8x8 & shower in public showers & have to wait long periods to load & unload. I love my husband and value our time together cause every moment counts to us. I often tell him we appreciate him and all he does for his family. Dating a trucker ain't easy it's tough but if you care and love him then you've gotta be patient with him
Feel free to email me

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