Help he is cheating and no idea what to do

by heartbroken

My husband is otr driver and one of his exs found him on a site like myspace and now he is talking to her on his cell and he has been to her town twice that I can verify there was a problem for him getting home his last off he stayed out he says to make more money.But now I think he is going to take the time off where she is because he refuses to come home untill the end of next month.I know she leaves him voice mails and talks to him a lot on his cell,we have been together for a long time and now I have problems and can not work.Can someone tell me what to do and how to get him back from her?

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Oct 21, 2009
Cheating/Not Cheating
by: Jennifer S

The problem you face, is that you do not know for sure. Insecurities is a BIG problem for many wives. It just happens.

Unfortunately people do not stop and think- this is not just a "Driver" related problem, this problem is just as prevalent in daily living together couples. A cheating spouse/significant other will happen if he comes home nightly to you- or if he is driving for a living.

If your husband is cheating, and you know this for a fact, you have 2 choices. Divorce, or look into your own life, and see what needs to change.

I am not blaming you in anyway, but perhaps if you start with you- he will come back around.

Sometimes we all grow stagnant, and need to look at changing some things in our own lives.

I do not advocate cheating spouses, but you are not real sure he is. Until then, hold on, and see if there is anything you guys can do to work it out


Oct 21, 2009
Is you crazy?
by: Anonymous

You want the snake that done bit you to come back and bite yo ass again? Is you crazy?

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