He seems to have changed

by joanna

My boyfriend works long hours. I never see him and I hate it. If I complain to him about it he says all he wants to do is drive his truck.

When we first hooked up he called me and texted me. I really care about him. When we first met we drove a small school bus together the company laid him off but not me.

I been there longer then him. He wouldn't talk to me at work so I started talking to him. He says he cares abut me to.

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Jul 10, 2017
There is a difference between caring and wanting a relationship
by: Hervy

Joanna, I think you have to make sure you are on the same page. Ask him directly what are his plans for your relationship.

First of all, you are calling him your boyfriend does he call you his girl fried? Cause we can be very interested in a woman and still not want it to be categorized in that way for many reasons. From not being sure about it or the woman to not being ready to settle down.

But also take into account that as a new trucker, he may or may not be happy with what he encountered as a new truck driver. That could affect some guys in ways that keeps him from not communicating the same.

(One of the reasons that I talk so much about relationships... Read this about dating a trucker There are a lot of moving parts.

Like I said though, before being tolerant and understanding about his shift in behavior make sure you are on the same page.

Don't assume that he wants the same type of relationships from you that you want from him. Make him say what is on his mind about the future with you. (How serious or non committed he wants it)

Then you have to decided if it is something you can deal with. Not something you will attempt to change. (The way to change it is to just be you and have boundaries for what you own believe you want and deserve based on where you are in life and/or you personal goals.

If he says he does want a relationship with you than you have to talk about what the goals are for him being a trucker and transitioning out of it or dealing with a relationships while being a trucker. (Realize that he may not have a good concise answer yet with regards to trucking because right not there are too many moving parts and a lot to learn. Which is why I suggest truckers to stay single for the first year...but you guys started before he was trucking so)...

If he is compatible with you and actually cares about you, then the relationship will continue to grow.

Stop complaining to him but clear on his plans for the relationship.

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