He Doesn't Call

by Molly

My husband is in training and even when he has a significant amount of free time at certain points, he doesn't call me or seem to want to talk.

Sure, we text. But it's not the same. Am I missing something about training that is demanding to him where he can't call?

I just miss his voice and feel rejected.


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Nov 27, 2016
How to flare up with communication with your spouse NEW
by: Anonymous

Married 26 years the last five years being out on the truck has resulted in conversation with just about everybody old girl friends mines are just real quick conversation with no real communication how do you deal with 26 years no affection come home can be the best will cook for you serve you breakfast lunch and dinner in bed

Jul 16, 2016
More to it NEW
by: Anonymous

Depending on where he is in training.

If at the company he will be trained during the day and then he will have homework to do in the evenings.

Of he is out on the road will have his hands full then also.

Trip planning and such showing the trainer yeah I can do this.

Having a hard time already? It doesn't get any easier

Jul 15, 2016
Don't hold it in
by: Hervy


Well there are a lot of variables that could be involved in what you are experiencing.

One, he might not talking personal in front of people. I am like that. Never liked talking on the phone in front of people. I don't think many people are like that, but I KNOW I am and imagine some others are.

I don't even like talking on the phone to someone who is around other people trying to talk. Like hang up and talk to them and call me back. It's ok, lol.

Actually, I don't even like talking on the phone anymore, lol. I digress....

So is he rooming with other guys is a question? Don't know his situation.

But also, there is a lot to learn and retain for getting CDL being new! If it is challenging for him, maybe he just don't want other info (whats going on at home, etc) to enter his head.

I know when I am writing, reading, studying, responding to posts on the website, etc.. I will not answer the phone. Even if I am thinking about something, I won't answer the phone. It takes too long to get back in flow. Wastes time and effectiveness.

If that is the case with him, then this is only temporary and I think you just work with him on it.

Then another thing, if it really is challenging for him and he isn't sure whether he will make it or not, he might not want to talk. Some people shut down a little when in that situation. Or if he is unsure that he is making the right decision.

However, the only way to know what is going on is for you to let him know how much you miss his voice and ask if you could talk more often. Ask him is there a reason that he doesn't want to talk.

Be supportive of him becoming a trucker, hopefully both of you made this decision. At the same time, let him know for it to work out you need to hear his voice for sure once he goes on the road.

Let us know how this was resolved if you will. You are not the first woman who has had this issue and I would like to know if my insights describes the issue or is there some angle that I am missing which I can share with the next young lady in your situation.

Thanks and hope you get things turned around.

If your relationship was great prior to this though, I wouldn't be worried about it, I would just ask about it.

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