Have a current Canadian CDL

by Sydney Cole
(Atlanta, Ga)

Hydrovacing in -49F Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada

Hydrovacing in -49F Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada

Atlanta, Ga

I have a current Canadian CDL A and been driving since Aug 2011 but it's not valid for employment in the USA

I currently have my CDL A learners permit along with the "Tanker Endorsement" and DOT Medical Card

I need a few practice road tests to familiarize myself with the American procedures and laws plus how they may differ than the Canadian system.

If i can get some info on location, time frames and fees i'd be kindly greatful. The quicker i can achieve in passing my CDL A road test is the faster i'll be working as i already got a job offer as a Hydrovac Operator but can't start until i get my CDL A.

I can be reach at the number above and also via email at

Thanks in advance

Sydney Cole (404-903-4532)

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