Good stuff

by Todd
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hey -
Couldn't find your name, but really enjoying your site. You offer a lot of good information, and I particularly like that your personality shines through. You seem like a good and interesting guy who loves life, and I like that your site reflects that.

One thought I had -- I sometimes work in the film industry, and for whatever it's worth I think that some of the videos of you talking could be a little tighter.

You're an entertaining guy, and it's fun to watch you, but also there are times when I wanted to get to the real information a little quicker. I don't know if you use a script, but that would be helpful. Don't mean this as a dis -- I like your stuff.

Just think it wouldn't hurt to be a little more to-the-point. In any case, keep it up, and good luck to you!

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Dec 19, 2010
Todd critiques Hervy.
by: Jimmy

Hey Todd, welcome aboard. This is Jimmy, I've been helping out around here for about 2 years. Hervy is great to work with and doesn't mind being critiqued. He does pretty good for driving full time and all the other stuff he does as a computer guru and this website.

Drop by anytime. Jimmy

Dec 18, 2010
Thanks for the feedback
by: Hervy

Hello Todd,

The name is Hervy. 80% percent of the time what I blabber about is not written, (I am driving most of the time).

I take no offense to your critic in fact I tend to agree that it is a little rough around the edges, (to say the least).

I am also aware of the many typos and grammatical erros, I mean errors on the site and in the videos. I need to slow take my time and check over it more but it already takes so long to get things done so I tend let it go.

I felt the message on the page and the video was more important than me trying to present myself as flawless so I figured I would just deal with the mistakes for the present time. (I wish more readers would go ahead and alert me to the errors on the page though).

One day I will redo some of the more important videos. For now, I try to get better as I go. Don't have enough time to make them shine right now as I still drive and working on other stuff back at the home front.

I really do appreciate the feedback though. I love the feedback. I am sure that will help me to strive that much more to do a little better on the next one!

Take care.

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