Getting Sleep While Waiting On a Load

A driver was saying he couldn't drive when he finally got a load because in between getting dispatched on the next load, he didn't get any sleep.  This video addresses that situation.  Is it insomnia or mindset that caused him to not get sleep? Here are some thoughts and ideas...


It's has a lot to do with your thoughts about getting to sleep to start with. In other words, if you expect to be able to go to sleep, you probably can get to sleep.  If however, you are telling yourself, I am not going to be able to go to sleep.....

Well you are programming your body to not be able to go to sleep.  So that is how you approach the issue.



Its is about your actions after that.  If you have a ritual for nap time use it.  No matter if it is in middle of the day or night.  Don't have one?  Ok...  some ideas

  • Close curtain to get it as dark as possible
  • Put on your sleep tunes (or not)
  • Lay down and close your eyes
  • Imagine yourself getting sleepy
  • Try to feel the toe nails with your toes, finger nail with your fingers, feel the muscles in your legs relaxing, feel your shoulders relaxing and clear all other thoughts from your mind except relaxing.

Proactive Measures to Help You

  • Eating more balanced and less junk - Yes you can
  • Getting some exercise on the regular - Yes you can

Additional Sleep Aids

For someone who actually has problems getting to sleep, there are some things that you can use as tools to help you out.

  • Get a aroma diffuser - Lavender, Chamomile  helps with sleep
  • Nature CDs (or mp3)
  • Rainfall CDs (or mp3)
  • Classical Music
  • Milk or Banana (not a lot though)
  • Melatonin natural sleep aid pills

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