Getting to life on the road

by James Ogden
(Traverse City Mi)

My name is Jim, I had a pretty rough life as a teenager, when I was 14 years old I started doing drugs and alcohol and never really thought I would amount to anything. I was convicted of domestic violence against both my father and brother when I was 19.

I decided to clean my act up shortly after I got out of high school. the whole time I did menial jobs that never really got me anywhere. when I was 21 I was working landscaping. I didn't have a good work ethic back then. after I got laid off and did not get called back I knew something had to change.

I lost my mother when I was 22. it took a real toll on my sleep. that same year I decided to go to truck driving school to hopefully change my life for good and get a chance to be somebody. I passed my road test when I was 23 and couldn't wait to get on the road.

I found out that my previous convictions wouldn't let me get a job as a trucker.The last thing my mother told me is she wanted me to be successful in life. I felt like I have let her down so much I lost even more sleep.

I spent most of that year trying to get it together so I can work again. I started doing day labor and working under the table being convinced that my crime would hold me up in life and not be able to get anywhere. springtime 2011, I landed a tree trimming job and the company assigned me a truck to drive. I was making good money. a few months later I hurt my ankle on the job and was physically unable to work for months on end.

currently I'm 24, live with my dad I'm in a foot brace and I'm flipping burgers and making salads 25 hours a week. I have been out of any kind of legal trouble since 2006 and have been drug and alcohol free since 2007. I am getting really tired of being turned down because of the mistakes I have made in life and want a career as a truck driver.

It would make my family, friends and past and present co-workers very proud but I cannot seem to find a way past my convictions.

If someone is willing to give me a chance call me at, 231-597-6698. or email me at

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