Getting Paid When Not Driving

There are methods for getting paid extra money when not driving.  On this page we will be talking about creating your own trucker website or blog.

You can build a website about anything that you want.  Have knowledge, skills or a special experience from your past, you can write about it.  But I've been tell you that for years and the most common feedback is,

"I don't know what to build it about.", or "I don't know how to build it."

We are going to solve both of those problems today and make it very easy for you.

Not only will I build the website for you, I will also promote it.  I am building a page Titled "Trucker's Blogs and Websites."

It will have the states listed and under each state will be a link to YOUR website!

(Your website will be based on my local website below)

Greensboro Trucking Jobs Website

So when someone goes to this website ( and want to find blogs from drivers living near them, they can easily do so.  You will be listed there.

Your website will already  have content on it and be ready to go.  You just need to add blog post on it from time to time.  I recommend daily if you want to start showing up in search engine results.  Which will help you earn money.

The more traffic you generate to the blog, the more money you can potentially earn.  So you want to mention your blog on social media on the CB radio and wherever else that you communicate.

Adding your post to the blog is very simple, you login to your website, click on post, then you are at a page like this.  Then you click Update.

Click on preview and if you want to edit, click on edit and change what you want to change.

You can upload pictures, paste code in from your YouTube videos and write text or html if you know html.

How does it make money?

The code you see below this paragraph is an ad.  I will have you go to google and set up your adsense account if you haven't already.  (If you have videos on YouTube this should be done ASAP. (

The ads will show based on the content on your website.

The text that you see below is from Amazon Associates account.  When you place this code on your website after signing up as an associate, you will be able to get paid commission when someone buys a product from your links.

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