getting over regret

I have been with this guy who has been driving for 18 yrs. he has 2 kids with his first wife.

Everything with us is perfect because i work a lot so him on the road is easy. we starting seeing each other and now 7 months later he moved to my state with another company.

As i thought this was great! I asked him one night because we discuss everything if he had regret as far as his kids. next thing you know he put the brakes on us saying he does not want to hurt my kids like he did his.

He is a third generation truck driver and the best man for me and my kids. i am sorry for his kids and his regret but how do i get him to see this is different. he is home more and my kids do have their dad as well.

I love him and support his driving. i don't want truck driving to ruin us. please advice is needed!!!

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Aug 02, 2013
regret NEW
by: Jennifer Greene

Yeah. Obviously this man really wants to be with you and has even relocated himself to be with you. However, the demands of the road are non-negotiable. Driving long-haul is an amazingly difficult skill and even an art form. He has the luxury of having 3 generations of support and guidance to negotiate difficult situations. That is rare and should be protected and honed as a major skill and asset.
A good woman can be creative in her supportive options to maximize her man's assetts. There are Big Brother/Big Sister programs for the kids when he's gone, church support groups etc.
This way, when he comes home, both sets of kids can honor him by the projects they work on to honor him while he's gone. There are so many options.
And as God says in Genesis: "It is not good that man should be alone. I will send him a HELPMATE". What does that word mean to you?

Jul 30, 2013
Anonymous NEW
by: Anonymous

Quit bringing up because youre making him think about the subject.

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