Georgia Vet and experienced diver wants to run for an owner operator when he/she wants a break

by Bryan Pettett
(Conyers GA 30094)

I am a Disabled Veteran who wants to drive part time. I have almost 12 years over the road. My disability does not stop me from driving and I still have a current CDL A, I did let my Hazmat expire but I can get that if necessary.

I want to be home but I still love driving I just do not want to be out all the time. I receive VA Disability which almost pays all the bills if I could earn a little extra each month it would be great. I can still pass my physical.

If you are an Owner operator and you do not want your truck to sit while you are using your home time than I am your man. I also have the skills to help maintain the truck so I could save you plenty as you would not need to hire the expensive companies to fix any minor repair like an airline or slack adjuster replacement.

I used to be an owner operator and I know how much it cost when you take your home time the way I see it you take a week off you still have to pay insurance and truck payment if you still owe on your truck as most of you do.

But if I ran 2 to 3 thousand miles while you were off you would still make money or at least not go negative so if this sounds good to you call me and I will drive for you and we can negotiate a rate that we can all agree with.

Bryan Pettett
Cell (321)292-4827

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