Disappointed wife of a. trucker

by Cindy Suiters

It's extremely hard to be a truckers wife. The company he works for doesn't care about me and my husband continues to show me how his job is more important than our marriage.

It's been 2 years now and getting worse. There are times when I don't hear from him for 2 weeks and when I call him he says he's too busy to talk. After a couple hours I call back and his phone is off. How much more does he expect me to take?

I was even disrespected by his dispatcher when he was home for off time and he never stood up for me. I get disrespected by him now all the time and he feels good about it. But, if the company makes him mad he will call me and complain.

I say to you all beware of trucking companies and make sure that they will also be there for the spouse. The one my husband works for is NOT spouse friendly.

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Oct 14, 2014
I agree NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes this is a problem with your husband not the company. My wife calls me once when she wakes up and again before she goes to sleep and any other time if she needs me. I have been doing this for 25 years. There is no reason he shouldn't talk to you at least once a day.Saying he is too busy is BS. You have a husband problem and sounds like he is a selfish jerk that really doesn't care about your well being while he is away. You should demand better from him or let him go and go on with your life. Good luck.

Oct 11, 2014
?? NEW
by: Anonymous

first question is why should the truckers employer be spouse friendly? It is not YOUR job at stake it is HIS job. Those guys/gals are a nasty lot of people hasnt anyone explained that to you?? The dispatch job is high pressure its all about money and they are not going to be friendly to anyone who is not bringing them in money. This is common sense! So they dont have time to be nice to you nor is it part of their job detail. Get over it. In 25 years of complaints from that dept from my trucker gave me the signal never to call his job!!

Now on the other hand if he is not calling you that is on him! (not the jobs problem. geez! if you cant handle the heat in the kitchen get out! in the 25 years that my trucker has been out there long haul he has never missed a day on calling me to see ifI am okay and to let me know about where he is in route in case of an emergency I can pinpoint the aera he was last in.

If your husband is doing what he is doing he doesnt careless about anything and he is selfish...he didnt get this way over night. He was like this all along and you were blindsided by love, so now that your apart you get to really see him in action, and it is eating at you on how foolish you were to get trapped by this person and now blaming the trucking industry for your misery. Take a minute and think is ts the way you want to live the rest of your life?? just saying...

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