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What is CSA 2010?

Comprehensive Safety Analysis - FMCSA's attempt at increasing commercial vehicle safety by introducing new enforcement of laws and regulation compliance and allowing FMCSA and State partners to contact and address safety issues with carriers before accidents occur. They are trying to be proactive. May work as long as there is not abuse of authority and malicious obedience.

details about what CSA 2010 from the feds

CSA 2010 is a new way of trucking life.

As with any dramatic change, CSA 2010 has cause a lot of uneasiness for many. There is good reason because big change has consequences. Best to be proactive in how to deal with the new reality than crossing finger and hoping you don't become a victim of new CSA 2010 changes. Here is information by videos and links to official sites that with details and tips.

CSA 2010 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) by Drivers

This video was designed from the perspective of the driver asking the questions that would naturally arise. It gives insight as to how different aspects of how CSA 2010 will impact you.

Simple English Explanation of what CSA 2010 means to industry

This youtube video shows a cypress safety meeting about the CSA 2010 regulations to it's driver.

Facing Reality about CSA 2010, Make The Best of It

I don't particular like some of the stuff that will be used. "Deciding if a driver has too much to read, too many dvd's, etc and therefor is likely to be not getting enough rest".....However, I do think that after all the pain and suffering and many older drivers quit (who don't like the change and don't have to drive), and other drivers get fired, (too many violations for either safety or insurance)freight rates will have to go up and drivers will have to be paid more. My theory good companies with good ratings paying to keep good drivers will do well. Bad drivers and companies will have to cease to exist. Hopefully I am right.

Go here to check company safety information
Analysis and Information

Preparing for CSA 2010

Updating MCS 150 Form
CSA 2010 Regulations Top

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