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Profiles are for those who share the positive mindset with an interest in trucking and this website, If you want to be a part of a positive movement to help change the face of the trucking industry by . . .

learning more about truckers and how to best share the highways or
teaching new truckers about trucking or
sharing information with other professional drivers
creating a positive, motivational, enjoyable, supportive environment

We welcome you to create a profile and become a member
Huh? Is it free?

Of course it free. You just need to sign up at the bottom of the page below.

Who? Well I just explained who can become a member but as far as the categories we have for you.

These are the current categories . . .
Friends of Truckers - Those interested in trucking
Future Truckers - Your coming, your just not here yet
New Truckers - Less than a year experience
Trucker's Wives - Trucker's wives
Experienced Drivers - Professional Experienced Trucker with more than 1 year experience
IF there is a category I need to add request it on the form when you fill it out.

(yeah, I know you don't see them yet on the main page.)

Why Create A Profile on Life As A Trucker.Com?

Well, you don't have to, You can read the whole site without a profile, if you want to become part of the community though obviously people will welcome interacting with you more as the site evolves more with more functions like chat.

Or Even if you want to sell a piece of equipment or give advice whatever. It's up to you if you want to create a profile. If your going to be around a while why would you not want to create a profile, if you plan to never return, I'd rather you didn't create a profile and if your attitude doesn't fit with the nature of this site we are going to make fun of you so don't create a profile (lol, I am just joking, we wouldn't do that!)

Well why in the world would you want to sign up to become a member?

Well, actually the term is used loosely right now, but it simply means that you are joining the list of people who I can send an email to when I want to make sure you are made aware of certain changes to the site

(It's a new site, there will be huge structure changes and new features as time and money and learning curve permits!)

Will I email you every day or sell your email address?No, I already told you what I was going to do with it.

Now, I myself might try to sell you something, LOL. But you know I might also be just selling something on the site and send you an email with a discount that people just visiting won't get. See what I mean. So, it's really up to you but you don't have to worry about me doing something with your email address or any of the other information.

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