Can I trust my husband around lot lizards?

Can I trust him he has never cheated but if he is vulnerable do u think I could trust him?

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Aug 30, 2017
He's cheating NEW
by: Anonymousjen

My so called "Christian " husband of 15 years started OTR a year ago. With the kids (he's stepdad) all grown we chose this to get ahead for the future. We were struggling in our relationship in some areas including my not being interested in sex anymore but I was committed to working on it and needed him to work on some issues . I just found out he's cheating with lot lizards and I'm devastated , I really thought I could trust him, was I ever wrong!

Apr 17, 2017
No I cant NEW
by: Norma

No I can not brace yourself he's a truck driver he's cheating I'm sorry I'm dealing with this right now

Feb 07, 2017
Truth about lot lizards and truck stops
by: Anonymous

they are not as common as you think. have not seen many most just want to sell you food not sex.

Feb 06, 2017
We have absolutely no way of knowing that
by: Hervy

You are a much better judge of that than we are.

What type of guy is he is the question. How long have you been with him? What is his philosophy about commitment, cheating, relationships. What even constitutes cheating.

When talking about scenarios that other couples go through, what types of comments does he make.

How does he treat you otherwise? How does he act around other women?

Lot lizards have no special power. Many guys never even see lot lizards. I have gone months at a time never even seeing a lot lizard. But if I was looking for them, it would only be weeks because there are truck stops that increase likelihood than others. However, if you are in the bunk sleep with the CB off talking or on the phone with your wife, you still will never see them. You have to look for them.

So you just have to evaluate what type of person you have married to come up with an opinion way more accurate than one that we could give you. We don't know him at all, but you do.

If you are actually asking that question, I would say there is a reason that you have doubt.

If you question really is do all truckers cheat, the answer is no.

Lot lizards are not as common as people think. Here is more information about lot lizard at truck stops.
The truth about lizards in trucking

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