Budgeting your food.

by Lawrence
(Pittsburg Texas)

I am trying to cut down on my consumption of meat and increase my intake of raw fruits and vegetables. How hard is it to find these items.
Being gone for weeks at a time how hard is it to budget your eating expenses?

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Jul 02, 2010
just a suggestion
by: Ricky

You also might want to look into something REALLY easy...When ya go to walmart get a few 6 packs of V-8 juice...they have hot and spicey....Just get the small 5 oz....cans....3 of those a day and your good to go!!!!

Mar 20, 2008
I made that exact move 3 years ago, it easy!
by: Anonymous

What's Up Lawrence,

Glad your making that move man. I did it 3 years ago, lost 30lbs, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol level, sleep better, stay alert longer, better urine flow and when i drop the number 2 loads in the stool the process is a lot smoother (haha hope that wasn't too gross.

Anyway, contrary to what people believe its cheaper and easier and more efficient to eat healthier.

It's All about planning man. Hit Walmart or your grocery store of choice to stock up.

I stock up on the sliced pears and peaches in lite syrup. If you go to the Walmarts in lower Texas you can find other fruits too like Papaya and Mango in he same price range. These fruits are canned with no preservatives,just like eating them fresh.

Also you should get a bag of apple and a bunch of bannas

Lawrence if your really trying to go healthy man you should grab you a good fiber cereal too. I used Fiber One Bran Cereal (57%of daily value of fiber in 1 serving) Also get you some beans, (Kidney or Pinto are the best) They are high in fiber and protein.

You also want to get you some Walmart Tuna fish. (If you like tuna) Walmart brand was .50 per can but now its .58. I cant tell a difference in the taste between Walmart and any of the other more expensive popular brands. I even like Walmarts better because it is more shredded. If you like chunks then you may want Chicken of the Sea but it will cost a little more.

(But you got to chew it up so why not just get Walmarts that cheaper and already less chunky! Personal preference though)

You want to get you a case of water too from Walmart. You should eat smaller portions more often and drink a bottle of water at every meal. Depending on where your driving, sometimes you don't want to have to stop to use the bathroo. Like if you have to do multiple deliveries around Chi-town or something.

Oh, plus if you like these you can get them without preservative also. Corn, String beans, Spinach.
I eat all of these right out of the can man. Now a days with many people becoming more health conscious grocery stores offer more vegetable with no preservatives so check the cans of other veggies you like to see if you see them with no preservatives.

If you are trying to be healthy and lose weight cut out all flour based products.(yes that means bread)
Cut out sodas and even juices.

Make sure you return to the site often man I am going to put my entire weight plan up somewhere in here actually it part of motivational cd i am working on for single parents.

But thats how you eat cheaper and more healthier at the same time.

The Crazy Trucker

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