Are you a Big-Strapper, Super-trucker or a "Legend?"

by Tommy
(Lynden, Wa. )

Ride into the Sunset....

Ride into the Sunset....

I think I might be exaggerating but I did this math real quick:

Let's say you average 3000 miles a week for a year.

That is a grand total of 156,000 miles...

In ten years that has turned into 1.5 million miles

in 30 years (which literally flies by with no memory of anything specific) you now have a grand total of 4.5 million miles...

Would you be a "Legend" or a "Super-trucker?"


And what would carry you through as a 60 year old man if you started driving when you were 20?

Would you have an edge over a young and intelligent kid just starting out in the industry?

He has physical energy and youth on his side...

You have experience.... and have NEVER had an accident through it all...

What do companies prefer?

Which is the "qualified" driver?

With the shortage of qualified drivers and with the necessity for transportation of the eighteen-wheeleresque type... why aren't we paid and treated like Gold?

Hmmmm.... too many questions, but there is a question in there somewhere worth answering... I'm sure of it.

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