Almost with the company for a year

by Leo

I know the trucking industry is very different from any average job. So I'm thinking about quitting my job if I can't get home daily. This year I plan on moving to another state and also will be willing to work for some company if I'm home every night.

It's not the company it's the account I'm in and the amount I make verses when I started. I can't just up and quit I have responsibilities. So if I find a better company with great benefits equal or greater pay I'm ready to move on "the proper and professional way".

I was thinking I'm going to do a traditional 2weeks notice since I'm on a dedicated account.

I have great positive attitudes towards my account manager fm and staff. I want to make sure that my leaving off on good terms is reported on my DAC I want to tell my account manager and tell someone that's higher up. Who do you think that higher up person is?

Should I just tell HR call corporate and tell them etc what's your feedback?

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Feb 16, 2016
Almost with company for a year NEW
by: Leo

Thanks a lot was very helpful

Feb 16, 2016
Calling it quits
by: Hervy

I would send a letter of resignation to account manager and also someone in HR and a copy to myself. Like you stated which will also give a 2 week notice.

I don't know your company. You can just ask around and find out who is in charge of what to know who to send the email to. Probably can find it at the company website. Or easier, if you have a good relationship with your account manager, ask him/her who is the person in HR that handles your division.

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