Air Products announces a truck driver career webinar

by jeff
(wayne, pa)

Air Products is having a Career Webinar for trucker positions they have available in various locations throughout the USA. The Webinar is on 4/19/11 but it's being recorded so you just register and watch the hiring event video.

Find out more and hear from a Hiring Manager and one of the drivers. Find out exactly what it takes to work for Air Products as a truc driver and what the hiring process is.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., a Fortune 500 manufacturer of industrial gases and chemicals, has immediate openings for career-oriented, qualified and experienced Team Drivers to join its Distribution team. Drivers will be required to safely deliver liquid and bulk helium to Air Products plants and customers.

Delivery will include drop and hook of liquid helium containers and some pressure offloading of bulk helium and liquid nitrogen. The Drivers will also be responsible for the preparation and completion of Air Products paperwork and to adhere to Air Products' safety policies and procedures.

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Nov 06, 2015
Agree with these comments NEW
by: Anonymous

New restructuring plan in effect this very minute from new CEO from Iran no less. Single drivers pay cuts and team drivers pay cuts to around $400 to 600.00 per week, absolutely CUTTING out ALL DELAY TIME PAY.
You get mileage and a drop pay, half pay for fuel and pre and post trip. So I agree with the other poster, this was once a great company to work for, and the only thing jeff, our HR
person talks about is. "Dont let the door hit you on the way out if you dont like our changed policies."

Apr 09, 2015
Don't waste your time with this company NEW
by: Anonymous

I worked at APCI for almost 10 years. 3 years in FL running LHY team. Just short of 6 years in Niagara Falls, NY running LHY single. NF is a OPT that's based at Praxair in NF but managed by the Cleveland,OH terminal. It use to be a great company with great management. Now most of HR and Management is all ex-navy officers that hire in and promote and protect each other. The Cleveland site supervisor is a liar that looks at drivers like they are over paid and 2nd class citizens. I was considered the #1 driver in the company when I ran team and when running single in NY til I was dismissed. By pay, miles and efficiency I was #1 in the company. There were more than a few comments made about drivers getting paid to much. Also, all the drivers knew who made what for the year. Constantly trying to create conflict. (Charlie Dawson / Management). This is what happened to me...Keep in mind...I've never been in trouble, written up ..nothing. I gave everything to this company and in the end it meant NOTHING. I ended up owing my 401k money a in the end. I lost my job, house, 401k savings...everything! In the end, by a lie and because I had a pension. Here it is:
I hired on in 2005 on Valentines day. I drove team outta the Pace,FL terminal. Me and my partner were the #1 team in the company in LHY.
In 2008 when the economy tanked there were layoffs. Dispatch didn't want to lose me so they made a position for me in NY. Dedicated me to 1 customer. The company's largest one besides NASA at the time. They transferred me to NY. The head of dispatch said it wasn't forever but it'll last a while. Until they go to on site plant. Which admittedly they got because of my dedication to them the 6 years I serviced them. I revolved my life around that customer. The only 1 time they ran out was when I was on vacation. I never said no. They needed it , I went. In 2014 plans for the on site were finalized. There had been opportunities to go back to FL in between the years of 2011-2014. But, I had to quit/rehire to go back to FL. Because I had a pension. That would put me into the company's enhanced 401k. I didn't want anything to do with it. I had built up my vacation, pension and 401k in my time with the company. I would have been at zero. This was the new rule for employees. In my last year with the company my boss/Cleveland site supervisor had transferred 2 of his employees. They just happened to not have a pension so that was ok I guess. Anyways, I was told to hang on(by a guy high up in the company) and they would have to transfer me outta NY and back down to FL when the plant was installed. So I held out. The plant came in. I took a hardship loan outta my 401k to refinance my house in FL because after 6 years of paying for a house in FL and renting in NY I was behind on the mortgage. On December 3rd of 2014 I had a very nice, respectful meeting in Cleveland with Mr Dawson. I asked if there was any news on the FL positions that were open. He said I could stay in NY and pull a different product or apply at Praxair. He knew I loved LHY and had promised the lox/lin guys when I got there in 08 I was never gonna take any of their work. But I said yes to pulling a different product that morning. Knowing he didn't have enough work for me if I was serious about it. I left his office and went out to the truck. 5 mins later I start getting texts from John Walsh. He was asking about the meeting. We were talking crap. Not unusual because I considered this guy a friend. We were talking about Mr Dawson. Eventually I leave the plant on my way to NF. Dispatch calls me. I stop and call them back and they say your boss just called and told us to have you stop in NF. Do not go to Sarnia to get another trailer. So I stopped in NF like instructed and was met by Mr Dawson and the new driver manager he just hired. A guy he had hired before he even fired the lady driver manager under, "Restructuring". Anyways, I was met and told that he had received text messages from another driver where I was called him a liar and a couple other choice words. Nothing bad that you wouldn't hear on a elementary school playground. The fact was...he was lying about not being able to transfer me and I knew it for a fact. But, he said the texts made him feel unsafe. I've NEVER been anything but 100% respectful to him. He had his driver engage me in a conversation until I said something he could fire me for. Calling someone a liar when they are is horrible I guess. Thru a third party text and out of context. Then he only showed 1 text to his friend in HR, Mike Jones. I was never told what the text said. Never saw it. Never in trouble before. 1st offense(which wasn't even a offense), last offense. He needed a reason to fire me so he set me up and made up the rest. Fired 3 weeks before Christmas. A wife, 3 kids and a new mortgage on a house in a place I don't get to work at now. 1 special needs child whose prescriptions I couldn't afford after 1/3/15 because I would have no health insurance anymore. A week later after finally getting a hold of Mr Jones in HR I was told that Mr Dawson told him he felt unsafe AND that I sent the text while I was driving. Which was a absolute lie. I was sitting in the Cleveland yard texting Mr Walsh. Hadn't even started my trip yet. Mr Jones said he had nothing to do with anything and if I needed to talk to someone call Mr Dawson. There's your APCI HR for you. The ex-navy buddy system club/HR. A couple days later I found out he told Praxair management that I was involved in a altercation on Praxair property with another APCI driver and had to be walked off the property. Another absolute lie. I was never shown a text. He wouldn't let me record him when he was firing me for "threatening" him. He flat out lied to HR about me texting while driving. It's now April. I got another job. But I lost EVERYTHING. Still don't have health insurance. Going thru bankruptcy. All because I had a pension and wouldn't quit/rehire. The driver did it because I had a newer truck and he wanted it. The boss did it for HR. And himself because he didn't like me. I bet EVERYTHING on APCI and got kicked to the curb on a lie and over a truck. To give so much and dedicate your life to a company and have that happen makes me so angry. My youngest of my children asking me Christmas morning if Santa was mad at them. I can't tell you how much it hurts. The APCI now is not the APCI of 10 years ago. If you're a driver just know that they don't care one bit about you. Think good drivers are easy to come by. They are easily replaceable. The wages are good. Beware of the Cleveland terminal. It's union which is good. But there's a union guy there that will snitch you out or set you up in a heartbeat. I've heard he's been responsible for 3 firings of fellow union members. But protected by APCI snitch policy. The Cleveland boss is a heartless, lying puppet protected by HR. So beware when applying there. Yeah, this is a sob story. But, I will put my hands on all my kids hearts and swear on their lives that EVERYTHING I've said is true. Loyalty, hard work and dedication means nothing to them in the end. You are a dumb truck driver that they can replace at anytime with no problem. And they will completely destroy your life if they need to for any reason or no reason. Drivers Beware of John Walsh, Charlie Dawson, Mike Jones, Jeff Gameer people applying at Cleveland .....thank you all for completely destroying my life and putting my family thru what you did and are still doing due to how everything went. Hope you guys had a great Christmas and new years.

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